Look at a knitwear garment. Hold it in your hands. Feel it. Look at the cut. Look at the shape. Turn it inside out. Look at the seams. Look at the neckband. And then – when you are satisfied that it is made to the very highest standards – only then, look at the label.

On fashioning

Each garment is knitted to specification rather than cutting to a pattern. This gives superior shaping through the neckline and underarm. We use wherever possible a French raglan shoulder. This gives superior detail and shape thorough the shoulder line.

On seams

Because the individual sections of the garments are knitted to shape we use linking to join them – a much finer and skilled operation than overlocking. This keeps the elegance of the shape and design.

On the delicacy of the neckband

All neckbands are linked. This is the most important seam because it is visible. Linking allows us to produce finer neckbands.

On knitting quality

For our fine knitwear we knit to 25 courses per inch. Quality knitwear is determined by course per inch. We could knit to fewer courses per inch – it would use less yarn and would ‘feel’ softer – but it wouldn’t be as good.

If you wish to have quality, there can be no short-cuts. On the choice of yarn We use 2 ply folded yarns in all our knitwear. We use very fine yarn counts, from 2/28Nm to 2/52Nm. This gives better fabric density and helps the garment hold its shape and resist pilling.

On stitching

The linked seams are held together by chain stitch which is stronger and has more give.

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